HMAS Collins SSG73

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 “At Periscope Depth”

 The lead boat of her class, the HMAS Collins was commissioned on July 26th, 1996. See the Information Sheet PDF below. A print of this painting hangs in the headquarters building of Subfor, HMAS Stirling in Western Australia.

Limited edition print – 489 available
Limited edition Giclee prints on quality cotton canvas with satin varnish.

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This depicts a hypothetical scenario.While on joint exercises north of Luzon in the South China Sea an air force training jet from a neighbor and ally has had a flame out and crashed into the sea. Its beeper has guided HMAS Collins to its location. The painting shows the submarine holding station with periscope, snorkel and radar masts extended, over a valley about 300 feet deep. In the foreground, on the upper slope of the valley, at a depth of about 160 feet, navy clearance divers make an initial inspection of the aircraft fragments while awaiting surface salvage vessels.


Download the information sheet showing more detail and reference images

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