About the artist – Michael Payne

R. Michael Payne has more than 35 years experience in illustration, graphic design and advertising art direction. He was an Honours Graduate Swinburne University. One of his lecturers was the Australian War Artist Alan Moore whose work is displayed at the Canberra War Museum.

Michael has used his craft to travel the world. He has worked in London as an art director and for eight years lived in Germany where he worked in advertising agencies, also as an art director. His areas of expertise were in the production of press, print and television campaigns. During this time he gradually changed direction and moved into illustration. He has worked for most of Germanyʼs major book and publishing houses as well as a sprinkling of British publishers.

In Australia his work has appeared in museum exhibitions, advertising campaigns and even on the Australian $10 banknote. He is known for meticulous attention to detail and is a regular contributor to Australian Geographic Magazine. He is a member of the Submarine Institute.

Michael Payne
Michael Payne

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