“Whilst posted to the US, I presented several of  Mr. Payneʼs works to U.S. Navy submariners. Without exception, the recipients were impressed by the high quality, highly detailed scenes. Mr. Payneʼs meticulous research and his ability to capture the excitement and urgency of submarine operations, results in a unique work of art that anyone would be proud to display in their workspace or home.”

Commander, Royal Australian Navy. HMAS Dechaineux, HMAS Sheean
(Name withheld by request)

“Mr. Payne has outdone himself in this painting (USS Virginia SSN 774) that brings the invisible undersea world to life. As a U.S. Submariner of over 20 years I have often imagined what amazing scenes are unfolding outside our windowless vessels in the unforgiving and terrible ocean. This picture silently captures the chilling power of our modern submarines and their amazing ability to conduct operations anywhere with impunity. Every time I pause to study the painting in my office, I am surprised to find some feature or action that I had not noticed before- a real testament to the precision and detail of the artist. A tremendous gift that I display with honor. Thank you!”

Captain, U.S. Navy, Submariner
(Name withheld by request)

“I am very happy to highly recommend the quality of the submarine artwork by Michael Payne. I  have purchased two of his submarine works and have now enjoyed them for the past few years in a prominent location on the walls of my home.

During submarine functions at my home a number of Submariners and ex Submariners have commented very positively about the overall quality of the art works and the vibrancy of the colours. I know at least two others who have also purchased and are equally impressed with the works and have also placed them in prominent locations within their homes.

The artworks would be a great addition to any Submariner’s “Rabbit” (souvenir) collection and once purchased will no doubt be enjoyed for many years to come”.

Keith Bateman – Squadron Leader (SQNLDR) – Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Ex Submariner: Royal Australian Navy Submarine Squadron – Served on HMAS Onslow, HMAS Otway, HMAS Otama – 1980s.

“No seaman knows his ship better than a submariner. Michael Payne’s submarine artwork is highly detailed and passes any test of accuracy”.

Lloyd Blake – RAN Submarines 1975. Author: Century of Silent Service

“I received the painting of Oven’s Departure from Garden Island WA for my birthday last year and am still in awe of the amount of detail and superb colouring of this painting. It now has pride of place on the wall of my new extension and is admired by all of my visitors”

Peter Knights – ex-CPOETS4SM, HMAS/m Ovens 1978-1981

“I would recommend Michael Payne’s themed paintings to any one wanting only the highest quality Submarine art. Being the Holbrook Submarine Museums’s Hon. Curator, also a submariner who served on board HMAS Otway and HMAS Ovens, to see Michael’s skill in being able to capture above and below ocean scenes so authentically, with absolute precision for the detail required, is very satisfying”.

Roger Cooper – (Honorary Curator) Holbrook Submarine Museum, Holbrook NSW 2644