What is Submariner Art?

This website is for submariners in search of highly detailed, well researched, full archival quality submarine art prints.

Can I publish any of the artworks?

Images are available for limited use by publishers, companies and foundations. A usage fee will be determined by what type of publication an image will appear in. Please contact Michael Payne.

Can I commission my own art to be done?

Commissions are accepted. The preferred medium is oils. Due to work flow, research time and drying, I need to be advised of a deadline at least six months in advance. If the work is very detailed then more time will be required. Please contact Michael Payne directly here.


Am I buying original art or a reproduction print?

All the art for sale on this website is a limited edition reproduction of original art by Australian artist Michael Payne. The purpose of the website is to sell submarine prints – not originals.

Are there more submarines to come?

This website went up in May 2014 and the process of adding new paintings will be ongoing. Apart from further submarines of the classes shown currently, those of other navies will also be represented in my gallery.

How long does it take to paint the original?

The paintings are very detailed and take two to three months to complete.

Are the prints certified limited edition?

The prints are not mass produced, but rather, reproduced according to demand. They are individually supervised and approved by the artist. Each print is hand signed, numbered and issued with an authenticity certificate.

What is Giclee printing?

The Giclee process provides better colour accuracy than other means of reproduction. Archival quality ensures that the prints are much more light-fast than other processes such as lithographs. Giclee prints have continuous tone as opposed to inferior lithographic prints which are based on halftone dots.

What is the art printed on?

They are printed on quality canvas using the Giclee printing process and they come with a satin varnish.

Copyright information

All of my artwork is copyrighted. I never sell copyright and will sue abusers. Due to copyright compliance concerns with some countries, or an unreliable postal service, I am unable to send to some localities. If you have a concern just email me.