USS Hawaii SSN776

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“Beneath a Running Sea.”

The painting depicts a hypothetical scenario. The Hawaii is motionless at periscope depth, with 300 feet beneath the keel, somewhere in the South China Sea. There is a wild running sea along the coastline and Hawaii is using this ambient shore noise to mask her presence. An SDV has been launched with Navy Seals headed towards the coast. View the information PDF below. (Note: An art print of this painting is on display at the Bowfin Submarine Museum, Pearl Harbor Hawaii-along with my USS Toledo SSN-769)  My next painting will probably be the USS Key West (SSN-722) submerged and discharging a Tomahawk missile in the Arabian Gulf. I anticipate having it completed this coming December or early January 2017.


Limited edition print – 347 available.
Limited edition Giclee prints on quality cotton canvas with satin varnish.

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USS Hawaii, a Virginia class submarine, was commissioned on May 5th 2007.


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